Business Approach

Our market approach is completely scalable. We are able to function as a main automation contractor on larger projects or provide one-off packaged solutions for smaller projects. Our project management, engineering, health & safety supervision and site management are carried out by in-house expertise.

Our Work Philosophy

We hold true to the age-old principle of hard work and dedication. Our corporate culture sees to it that every task is completed with maximum attention to detail, absolute focus and pride. Our working environment nurtures intellectual independence, talent, creativity and innovation. Above all we place a premium on integrity and honesty. We deliver what we promise whilst always believing that there is no shortcut to good work.

Project Implementation Methodology

Our company has a proven project implementation methodology which encompasses years of experience. Our project implementation methodology, which addresses all aspects of project initiation, planning & design, execution, monitoring & control and closeout, has been specifically refined to address special needs that concern our industry. We are therefore able to predict bottlenecks, analyse critical paths and constraint costs to a greater degree of tolerance, ensuring that your projects are rolled out within budget, within schedule and comply with technical specifications.

Quality Assurance

We have established and continuously maintain a documented quality management system as a means of ensuring that all work performed by our company conforms to specified and approved requirements. The quality system is reviewed at least once a year to ensure that it is concurrent with the latest industrial codes, standards and practises.

Health, Safety, Security and Environment

We believe that all accidents are preventable. Every person who comes into contact with our business should expect to interact within a safe and healthy environment including staff, contractors, customers and visitors. The company is committed to do everything that is reasonably practicable to avoid accidents and minimise the adverse consequences of any accidents that do occur.

Human Resource

We aspire to bring out the best in all those who work with us. We believe in developing competency and providing everyone with an opportunity to develop their professional knowledge and skills. The company encourages lifelong learning and professional development.