Oberon Industrial Automation Controller

The robust Oberon industrial automation controller is equipped with patented M2A2 technology, allowing any sub-module to be plugged onto any slot on the baseboard without prior configuration. This translates to hassle-free engineering, quick on-site replacements and easy maintenance of sub-modules. Various sub-modules are available including digital inputs, digital outputs, counter inputs, analogue inputs, temperature inputs, analogue outputs, serial interfaces and 4G/3G/GPRS interfaces. The user is able to pick-and-mix I/O channels and communication options, from the available sub-modules, to suit their precise requirements. Communication protocols supported are DeviceNET, Modbus RTU/ASCII, CoFFEE and CAN. One of the main strengths of Oberon is that it can function in four modes of operation depending on how it is configured - real-time I/O mode, slave I/O mode, RTU mode and Annunciator Controller mode. Configuration is easily performed via the Oberon configuration software which can be used to download data logs, upload parameters, perform diagnostics and perform configuration.

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