1. Instrumentation, control and process automation

Our experience in this field spans a wide variety of applications and vertical segments. Our expertise includes Distributed Control Systems for plant automation, SIL 3 safety instrumented systems, safety shutdown systems, intrinsically safe design, closed loop control, advanced control schemes (predictive control, fuzzy logic, etc.), batch processing and sequence of events logging (< 1ms time stamp) to name a few. We have also deployed various types of instruments which measure flow, pressure, temperature, level, humidity and analyses water (pH, Chlorine, resistivity and hardness).

2. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

The solutions that we implement include centralised control systems and remote telemetry units for geographically distributed locations. We are well versed with various SCADA software, HMI, PLC and RTU. User interfaces and logic are designed in accordance with control philosophy that we derive in consultation with the customer. Visualisation, alarm management, trending and report functions are integrated within the systems that we provide.

3. Energy monitoring and management

Energy management has gained prominence in recent years due to increasing costs of energy production and a worldwide effort to reduce emissions. We provide solutions to customers for efficient monitoring of energy use and to support the implementation of energy management initiatives in accordance with ISO50001. Our solution works with field hardware (such as power meters, heat meters, flow meters, etc.) to provide data to a higher layer energy management software which computes consumption, usage patterns, trends, cost, performs load analysis, makes indoor climate adjustments, etc.

4. Condition monitoring

Our condition monitoring solutions allow customers to increase the availability of their production system whilst reducing maintenance costs. Modern sensors, instrumentation, software and analytics allow condition based monitoring of important parameters such as vibration, cycle time, power consumption, flow, pressure, etc. The collected data can be turned into powerful information by applying algorithms and analytics to the data set. Such information will yield new insights into the performance of plant equipment so that problems can be identified early and faulty equipment can be rectified in a managed manner thereby preventing unscheduled shutdowns.

5. Data Analytics

One of the primary capabilities of CANS is the infusion of data analytics into what has simply remained data acquisition, trending, reporting and archiving in a traditional automation system. With the advent of data analytics in recent years, we have realised that valuable information can be obtained by applying mathematical models to the database. Both structured and unstructured data can be handled by our solutions. We work with the latest and most advanced software to ensure your data is processed in an efficient manner with maximum security.

6. Embedded systems

We offer a wide range of embedded systems design and development services to our customers. Our expertise lies in multi-layer board design, communication protocols, embedded operating systems, communication interface solutions and advanced diagnostic tools.

7. Industrial CCTV

We specialise in industrial CCTV systems, striving to provide top-notch security systems to keep people and assets safe. We have extensive experience in digital, analogue and wireless CCTV systems, with communication links spanning across land and sea. We have also implemented systems with redundant video servers and standby communication links.

8. Data Communication

Modern day instrumentation, control and automation systems rely heavily on both engineering knowledge and information technology to get the data across to visualisation systems and third party equipment. We undertake configuration of servers, network switches, Internet gateways, firewalls and other information technology equipment to ensure your data is carried across safely and without delay. We also have experience with an array of communication systems including satellite, wireless radio, mobile data, structured cabling, fibre optics and PSTN.